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Creative Lead for Tubman promotional video

Spring 2021 - Freelance with Pollen Midwest

I had the privilege of creating this video under the guidance of Megan Lionel Murphy for Tubman. This video highlights the services that this wonderful organization offers to those who may need it. I led every creative decision and had help from Axel Kinnear with the more complicated animation at the time. This project was a large professional step within a new industry for me and I felt so grateful to contribute to such a worthy cause.

Character Design -

Style Frames -

CREDITS: Pollen Midwest

Directed by Megan Lionel Murphy
Storyboards: Megan Lionel Murphy, Emily Barton
2D Animation: Emily Barton, Axel Kinnear
Design & Illustration: Emily Barton 
Sound Design: Pollen Midwest

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